In 1332, eleven professors of Tehran University, who were prevented from continuing teaching in the university due to their patriotism and sense of social responsibility, believing in the fact that if they cannot apply their academic knowledge and learning in the university The talented young people of the country should learn But they can practically use this knowledge and experience in the technical and implementation projects of the country for its growth and development and establish another modern university. With this thought, he founded an engineering company in the field of construction and facility projects and named it “Yad” which was an abbreviation and sign of the eleven university professors who were its founders.

These eleven university professors were:

  1. Engineer Entezam
  2. Engineer Mehdi Bazargan,
  3. Dr. Bijan,
  4. Dr. Kamaluddin,
  5. Mr. Engineer Abdul Hossein Khalili,
  6. Dr. Yadullah Sahabi,
  7. Dr. Rahim Abedi,
  8. Engineer Mansour Atai,
  9. Dr. Mohammad Gharib,
  10. Dr. Mir Babaei
  11. Dr. Nematullahi