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Unit heater Device

The heater unit is a simple device that spreads hot air in a large volume in an optimal way and can be controlled by a thermostat if necessary. This device is mostly used for workshops, factories, warehouses, sports halls, exhibitions, greenhouses and large open public places where the issue of silence and uniform mild heat is not so important.

The heater unit is fed by hot water or steam sent from the engine room, and the device’s fan spreads the heat over a wide area by passing air over the coil. In medium width halls, the wall type (horizontal wind with adjustable slope) is chosen, but for widths of more than 12 meters, the ceiling type (vertical wind with adjustable angle) is used, and if they want, the space above the hall is completely free. The ground type of the device is recommended. The body of the heater unit is made of galvanized sheet and the heat exchange surface is spiral finned tubes or fin plate. Depending on the type of use, the tubes may be galvanized, copper or radiator.

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