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Organizational chart

Saphyad Industrial Company organizational chart

Organizational chart

Quality Assurance Unit

Saphyad Industrial Quality Assurance Unit, by implementing the 12 quality laws, always moves towards improving the production of products and its great mission, which is to satisfy the consumer. Fulfilling the 12 rules of quality management, although it may reduce the speed of doing things, but by documenting the existing processes, it is much easier and more effective to solve the problems created in the production line. Therefore, the quality assurance department as a third eye is always present next to the management and has the important task of controlling the performance of various departments of the organization.

Organizational chart

Research and development unit

Saphyad Industrial Research and Development (R&D) unit generally refers to innovative activities that lead to the development of services, new products or improvement of existing products. Research and development constitutes the first stage of the development of new services or the production process. Saphyad’s research and development unit validates technical calculations by conducting experiments or computer simulation, which optimizes and increases the performance of equipment, corrects possible errors in production and Synchronization of the collection with the latest knowledge of the air conditioning industry.

Organizational chart

Quality control unit

With the help of qualified experts, the Saphyad Industrial Quality Control Unit formulates methods based on ISO 9001 and ISO 10004 management systems to ensure the quality and customer-friendliness of its products. One of the most important goals of this unit:

  • Holding regular and face-to-face meetings to increase the factory’s quality efficiency
  • Inspection and quality control of raw materials, production process and final product in order to improve the quality of products
  • Conducting tests based on national and international standards on raw materials by the Razi Metallurgical Research Center in order to ensure the desired quality.
  • Production of world-class quality products based on ASME, DIN, EN, ISO, etc. standards in order to satisfy customers
Organizational chart

After sales service

The after-sales service unit of Saphyad Industrial Company considers its main priority to deal with customers’ problems quickly and establish close communication with them. Quick access to client information and response in the shortest possible time is the main parameter in satisfying customers and representatives. One of the main tasks of this unit is to provide the best services in the shortest time to customers and organizations in all parts of the country.

After going through the sales stage and sending the device to the desired location, the customer can request to send an expert for installation, commissioning and training directly through the after-sales service. The after-sales service unit of Saphyad Industrial Company provides annual service and maintenance services based on the contract with the companies in order to achieve the best efficiency of the covered devices and to satisfy the customer.

Organizational chart

technical and engineering unit

Saphyad industrial engineering and technical unit, using the most experienced technical experts and university professors in the field of designing commercial and industrial cooling towers, air conditioning systems, air conditioners, Zent, fan coils, chillers, etc., in accordance with the standards It uses the latest and most advanced software available to design and calculate equipment and provide technical data sheets. Examining and producing technical drawings, finding suitable solutions to solve problems and challenges, designing new products, etc. are among the activities of this unit. Adhering to the optimal principles of design and solving defects and problems of parts, such as details of parts and problems during installation, accelerates and facilitates the process of manufacturing and installing parts. be made