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Saphyad Industrial Company Services

Saphyad Industrial Company is responsible for installation, repair and commissioning of all production devices throughout the country using experienced and skilled staff in the after-sales service department. The personnel of this department have passed special courses in the factory and the production department. , with complete familiarity with the operation and use of the devices, they provide the services required by the customer in the shortest time.

  • Performing annual equipment repair and overhaul services
  • Performing chemical and mechanical washing services
  • Redesigning and equipping depreciated devices

One of the most important services in repair systems is finding the cause of problems and providing troubleshooting services, redesigning and necessary consultations in the field of improving the performance of systems. With specialists, experts and designers, this collection is ready to provide these services to respected employers. In order to investigate the causes of problems in the systems, performing laboratory services and sediment analysis, along with the services of filtration packages, injection packages and precision instrument packages, are among the specialties of Saphyad company.

Saphyad has years of experience in the construction and repair of cooling towers in different dimensions and special materials in the field of their specialized services, with equipment and instructions for special process materials and experienced evaporators, ready to provide services to respected employers.